Thai Antique Bracelet


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Size:   inside diameter about 6 cm , thickness 0.5 cm

Price:  30 $

ABOUT  ‘Gaew Jhom Kwan’

If you do not like or are allergic to metallic bracelets these are a great accessory for your hands during the summer days when it is time to show some vibrant colors and classic taste in jewelry. They allow metal allergic people to still enjoy the privilege of rocking bracelets with their outfits.

These are bracelets made from glass found under ground in Thailand. They come in a variety of colors that can match any type of cloth. It is also very handy for people who like wearing multiple colored bracelets with one outfit. They are extremely light weight and shiny for people who like bright colors and no heavy jewelry. 

They are only 0.5 cm thick and inside diameter about 6 cm allows for them to be worn with a variety of many other different jewelry on the hands as well. They are not only for women, the dull colors can be worn by men too. They are also a great friendship appreciation gift when two friends get them as friendship bracelets.

Products Features :

Antique Vintage Thai Glass Wristband Bracelet.

Great Gift idea for Family & Friends or for you , Available for Men and Women.

It may have a white stain around the bracelet because this bracelet was found in underground of Thailand ,If you do not like that you can clean by water.


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